How do you communicate and find the artisans in Kashmir?

Being of Kashmiri decent, it has been easy for Tariq to have met, scoured, and worked to find the right artisans for years. The main language in Kashmir is Kashmiri and Urdu, which Tariq spoke and Meral eventually learned. Growing up Tariq had been helping hands-on with craftsmen and suppliers in his own grandfather's factory in Kashmir. He loved the craft and discipline for it. Being that he was raised around artisans, the older he got and and aspiring to build his own business, he networked through the people he was raised around to find the right artisans for him and his brand. Meral continues to work with the same artisans, while finding others that fit her collections needs.

How do the artisans develop their skills?

Kashmiri handicraft is a generational skill that has been passed down through generations. Like Tariq learned the in's and out's of a handicraft business from his grandfather, other artisans have learned their craft from their ancestors.

How do you work?

Kathwari of Kashmir has three locations: Kashmir, New Delhi, and New York. Kashmir is the main store located on Polo View in Srinagar, where people can shop and see our collections in store. We have managers and supervisors at every location ready to help and assist you. New Delhi provides a base for those to see many our expensive silk and wool carpets before hand to view its quality and hear its story.

To visit our private collection in New York, please email us at inquiry@kathwariofkashmir.com.

Do you provide products on Wholesale?

We have partnered and sold our products to many department stores and small businesses around the world.

To learn more about our wholesale policy, email us at inquiry@kathwariofkashmir.com.

Who do you partner with?

We have partnered with stores like Jaypore and FabIndia to promote our story and collections. We've had exhibitions are markets, museums, and pop-up shops throughout the globe. Kathwari of Kashmir would be delighted to hear from you if you'd like to reach out regarding shows, partnerships, or exhibitions.